Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feelings ...

Unreasonable love, unsearchable love, unbearable love,
Always approach us each and everyday.

Doubt, curious, furious,
Always demanding our own heart pulse.

Barely .. no one knows ... their surrounding, pay closer attention,
You might find certain of something.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Unlovable Dreams

Unlovable dreams

Dreams, is an unfavorable illusion,
capture an unforgivable atmosphere, aura, sleepless times;
always drown me in a pleasure that is deeper than the sea.

Dreams, is an unbearable hypnotized,
capture wither moment of times,
always witness the path of a certain person.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Totally secret

Let me ... tell you now.

My secret

My favorite ...

Food: Vegetable, Fried Rice, Chocolate , Ice-cream, Pizza , Noodles ( Of course)

Drinks: Carrot juice, Apple mix with carrot, Milo, Coffee (Bitter), Cappuccino , Hot Chocolate ... Lastly (MILK)... A bottle of ... Milk make me happy :)

Things: Four Clover ( I didn't found any but I will found soon enough) , Pig/Piglet (Need bright Pink ONE)

Hate Subject: Maths , Science (LOL)

Books: Japenese Comic, Chinese Novel, Chinese Love Story

Candy: Ice mint

Hobby: Sleeping, Play , Computer ...

Pets: Doggy ( but I hate when I being bit by ... ), Cats ( Pretty cool)

Wishes: Someone will remember my birthday, wish me best of luck.

Friends: Chantelle, Amanda, Cordelia, Cassandra, Chia Mei ( Canada, Toronto)...
(Not included GUYS)

Myself knowledge ...

Haha ... going to be November 21. I can't wait. But the truth is I want my friends to remember my birthday date at least.
Last year, no ... one ... except my family remember my birthday. I want they to treat this day as a special day.

I even celebrate my birthday with a dead cat, you think I am crazy, aren't you now.
I even wonder how to make others to remember my birthday. Even a small tiny hope, I want others to remember, at least remember my birthday date for a chance.

I never once dream to have a party but at least a call telling me happy birthday, is enough, I guess.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cake ...

Yesterday, I learn something from baker. I learn to make cake, I smell, I feel, I touch it. That feels so good.

The first I thought:"That baker really like to make cake, doesn't it"?

I found some reason too ;

Good food isn't just about the taste, it's whom or where you eat it.

When you eat something good ... it makes you smile

Even you eat ... you also wanna to have a place where you get warm and warm welcome, that call pure happiness.

Always remember: Good food depends on where of and with whom you eat it. Even eating in a group makes you happy.

Friday, October 30, 2009


What is a friend?

A friend is one of the
Nicest thing you can have
And one of the best things
You can be.

A friend is the one who
Will always be beside you,
Though al the laughter,
And though each
And every tear …

A friend is the one thing,
You can always rely on,
The someone you can
Always open up to.

A friend is a sanctuary,
A friend is a smile,
A friend is a hand,
That is always holding yours,
No matter where you are …

A friend or a
Feeling of forever in the heart